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West Marine Dehumidifier

The West Marine 255424 boat air dryer is a powerful dehumidifier that can help keep your boat dry and cool, the dehumidifier can save your boat from the need to dry your boat off with air every time you water begins. This West Marine dehumidifier is tested and is available for a free trial.

Boat Dehumidifier West Marine

The boat dehumidifier is a beneficial solution for lovers who itch to improve the air quality in their boat, this dehumidifier renders a lifespan of 10 years and can boats up to 120 gallons. The West Marine dehumidifier is using a low-flow design, which means that it will stop working when you have more than 30% of the water level in the dehumidifier, this West Marine 7867518 10 dia. 120 v ac aluminum air dryer with fan dehumidifier peerless for dehumidifying your house or car, it provides a hamilton beach system that is respected in the industry. The air dryer is straightforward to adopt and is good for up to 10 cars or houses, this Marine air dryer renders an 10-position water resistant filter and an 120- vitamins and minerals filter. The boat dryer dehumidifier is a top-notch substitute to keep your boat dry and comfortable! The West Marine 7867518 10 dia, the dryer is uncomplicated to adopt and is available in a variety of colors and styles. The West Marine 7867518 10 dia, this dehumidifier can handle up to 120 gallons of air per hour, making it beneficial for use in a wet or cold home. The West Marine dehumidifier is additionally air tight.