Basement Dehumidifiers – What I need to know

The things that are the worst for you are the ones you can’t see. Odors, mold, and other micro-organisms are daily issues in the homes of today, especially in basements and crawl spaces. These malicious micro-organisms can be making you sick. As a result, you need to have adequate indoor ventilation so that your home doesn’t make you sick. Because homes today are designed to be as tightly enclosed as possible, they trap moisture and pollutants inside very easily. As a result, you need controlled mechanical ventilation to expel the polluted air out of the house; basement dehumidifiers will not solve the problem. The WAVE HOME SOLUTIONS controlled ventilation system provides you with a means to expel the polluted air and replenish it with clean, healthy air, thereby improving your health.

If you aren’t tackling the issue of moisture, mustiness, dampness, and heavy air filled with microorganisms such as mold and dust mites, then you are placing your health at risk. Contrary to popular belief, these health hazards won’t just stay where they are – they will continue to migrate all over your house, and will spread. As a result, you need a system that is so much more advanced than a regular basement dehumidifier which just reduces moisture in a small radius. You need a controlled ventilation system to expel the conditions that allow mold and other harmful microorganisms to grow. Basement dehumidifiers only re-circulate the same polluted air and do not effectively remove the breeding grounds of these micro-organisms.

Homes with excess moisture and inadequate air ventilation can cause a huge array of health problems to those who live in it. You can suffer from exposure toxins, gases, and other biological issues as a result.

WAVE Ventilation units provide dry, healthy, and above all clean smelling air – free of pollutants, for your family and are far superior to basement dehumidifiers. Our system expels dangerous basement microorganisms and air pollutants, replenishes it with drier, cleaner air from upstairs and creates constant ventilation while a basement dehumidifier only takes out some moisture from a constrained radius. Normal basement dehumidifiers simply re-circulate the air, which does nothing to improve the indoor air quality of your home and they are energy guzzlers. Not to mention the fact that you have to constantly empty water from a traditional basement dehumidifier.

Replace your wasteful and inefficient basement dehumidifiers with the energy-efficient, quiet, and maintenance free WAVE Ventilation unit.

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    Using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb, WAVE Ventilation units expel harmful gases, toxins and pollutants, replenishing your home with fresh, clean, moisture-free air.

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